My name is Natalya and I am an illustrator located in the magical city of Toronto.
All illustrations are copywrite Natalyawk unless otherwise stated.

Retro Sailor Senshi! I really wanted to draw my favorite sailor scouts in a way that would reflect my vintage sensibilities ;). Moonie has victory rolls, Mars had Betty page-esque hair and Neptune has that beautiful “Old Hollywood glamour hair” … Yes… Hair is very important. Lol. UPDATE: Hello everyone! If anyone is going to Toronto Fan Expo, be sure to visit the booth “Cactus Mafia”. They sell awesome wigs…. and my friend Danielle will be selling her fabulous Sailor Moon shot glasses, and prints too! my “Retro Senshi” prints will be sold there, along with a few other Sailor Moon related prints of mine (The size of the prints are about 5”x7”) and printed on matte photo paper —- and they will be sold for around $6.50—$8.00 each. I only have 17 prints available, so if you are interested in buying them, be there —or be square! Lol ;p